I am seeking relief…

After I enrolled in a college class, I had a fleeting thought  that said, “do you know what you are doing?” Strange thought since I had taken the time to choose a class, and I picked the instructor I liked. All looked good to me. About 2 weeks into the class, then I REALLY wondered what I had gotten myself into. Did I really need all this stress of deadlines and studying? My brain went into a fog every time I needed to study…I was beginning to think I was on the very cusp of 

Eventually, through my determined efforts everything began to connect and make sense. Oh, that doesn’t mean it got easy, oh no, it was all a challenge. I must admit that I am not an comfortable academian. I must groan and moan, run away, fret, whine, within myself. I sometimes resent the time I have to give to studying. Nevertheless, there at times I truly enjoy the challenge of accomplishment. I do enjoy reading, even academic reading, however it can get a bit verbose and draws too fine a point which is to be expected. We were offered a number of subjects to write about and of course, I had to choose a topic that requires quite a bit of research. I know I bit off more than I really want to do, but in I am in it now! It has been a challenge and has caused me to use my marvelous brain! ha! I am holding at a B+ and I would be very happy with that…heck, I would be happy with a C. As of now, I am so happy we are doing our last paper. I am tired and weary of the class, and from what I see, so are the other students and the instructor! Everyone needs a break, and that is just around the corner. Oh, yes!!!

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Starting something new…

with this blog. And I have the freedom to talk about anything. Which is kind of terrifying. So, I will jump right in, so sink or swim, here I go.

Wyzefemme: I chose this name because I have lived long enough to have gained wisdom. I have always been a life-long learner; I see that  that along the way, I have been guilty and I have been innocent. I have been wise and a fool. I have died many times, and yet I live. I have laid down and kicked and screamed through some lessons; other times, I have cried so hard that I thought my heart would break. Wisdom demands the choices that are often hard to accept, but they are for us. And as those choices bear out for good, then we know we are walking in our insights. Consequently, somewhere along my journey, wyzefemme began to emerge, and I like her.

Though I have been through many experiences, I always end up on my feet. I am challeged by those experiences, then when the time of introspection arrives, it usually reaps good fruit. Therefore, I will survive and while others may try to beat me down, I won’t be joining them. I will not be my enemy, nor will I lie to myself. Life teaches tough lessons and the object should be to learn how to survive and remain flexible. Some of the best lessons are the ones when I am wrong. Wrong thinking, wrong speaking, wrong-doing…in doing wrong or indulging in negative actions then I am challenged to be accountable. Can’t judge others if one is doing them, right? Right. I have learned compassion for others this way. I hope to share my insights and I hope you will share yours. I think we can lift each other up.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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